The Haug Hog Roast was born in July of 1985. It was held at our house in Huntsville, just down the road from the Muskoka Glens Campground that my parents used to own. If memory serves, we had about 50-75 people in those early years. To put the time into perspective, Jennifer was about to turn 5 years old and Heather only 2. Denver, the family dog, was also attending. We even built our own outhouse for the event complete with horseshoe over the door, pretty fancy! We were proud of that establishment. We had a campfire sing song with Terry and Steve strumming the "gitters".

The second roast was again held at the house. This would prove to be the last one at that location, as we moved to the Great White North - Cochrane in the fall of 1986. Charlie the owner of the campground provided wagon rides for the kids. The coveted Silver Sow Horseshoe award was up for grabs and the horseshoes were flying all day (mostly in the right direction). Chris Haug & Yvonne Haug were the inaugural winners. Terry and Steve again on the "ge tars"

The third and forth roasts were held in the campground, as we though people would probably not want to make the 10 hour drive to Cochrane. Besides, Huntsville was the permanent home of the roast...right?...maybe not. Terry Obie & Julie Moynes took home the Silver Sow Horseshoe award in 1987 and Chris Haug & Steve Haug had the honours in '88. Terry & Steve again...ok you get it, we never did upgrade the entertainment, they work for beer!!

The fifth roast brought more change as we had now moved back south to the Port Hope area and resided in the small hamlet of Bewdley. We decided to move the roast to our home at this location. We didn't know how this was going to work out in an urban setting and all; we were used to being in the bush!! With the move brought new found friends from the area and the numbers grew to 80-90 people. Some people pitched tents on our lawn and we had the evening's big bonfire on the driveway (gravel back then). This worked out fine except when a few hearty soles made it an all nighter and received some funny looks by passers by when the sun came up. We now had to resort to renting an outhouse; we figured the locals wouldn't cotton to the idea of us having our own permanent outhouse....city folk!!

The next 3 roasts brought an assortment of weather as they always did; we had most all types of weather over the years. Check out some of the comments in the Autograph section and you will get an idea of what it was like that year. Murphy, the new family dog, was now in attendance.

The 10 year anniversary was held in 1994. We topped the century mark for the first time as over a hundred soles made the annual trek to Bewdley.

Fast forward 18 years and we are now in 2012...Holy Crap!! The girls are now grown and married and we are both retired. The girls have always wanted us to have another Haug Hog Roast, so this year we told them if they wanted to do most of the arrangements, we would do it. So....Heather has booked the caterer (yes, we are having it catered). The years of going to the butcher, bringing the pig home in the back of the truck, sawing it up into 3 sections and cooking it for 10 hours on BBQ's are done...been there, done that... have the T shirt...time to move on. Jennifer has built this web site (pretty good job if I do say so myself); I'm glad she took this stuff in college. Go have a look at the Gallery section and click on the pictures. We have included some captions and people names (if I could remember them); maybe you're in there! We are also looking for more pictures. For some reason I can't find any pictures from 1990 and on. If you have some it would be great to include them. Simply scan them and send to pics@haughogroast.com.

Attending this year will be lots of old friends, and a few new ones too, as well as our two grandsons (yes, I know we are too young to have grandkids...yadda...yadda...).

Well time to go, hope you can make the 11th Haug Hog Roast (we used to call it the "Annual"  but I guess with an 18 year gap, that isn't quite correct anymore). Let's make this the biggest...bestest roast yet, it may be the last one ... or ... who knows.

See you in August - Steve & Yvonne